Korean Cuisine

One of the first touchpoints in the experiencing of culture is food. It allows us to encounter the unique flavors of a distinct place and history. Like Korea's deep history, Korean cuisine is defined by its depth of flavors, so it requires many base ingredients. Often these products are retailed individually in large bulk sizes, which makes it both inconvenient and costly for those of single-size households. This package, "Korean Cuisine," consolidates 6 essential ingredients for Korean cooking into one single package: anchovy, kelp, pyogo, sesame, peppers, and shrimp. Each hexagon packages 1 of 6 ingredients, and once unraveled, each triangle holds a single-serving sized teabag for one time use. The package's hexagonal form and screen pattern were inspired by one of Korea's historic gems, the Hyangwon-jeong Pavilion, but is modernized by the use of minimalistic type, icons, and color.     

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